It's Due Time

From the Finnish word to wrap, bundle or roll up, the Kaaria onesie was designed by parents who spent 72 days in the hospital NICU with their newborn baby.


Little Eve, and most of her NICU-mates, spent her medically-fragile days in nothing more than a diaper. Cords, tubes and monitors kept the usual baby clothes out of reach. Her mom and dad wanted something, anything she could wear in the hospital. They knew Kaaria’s onesie design needed to do 3 things:

  • Be simple to take on and off
  • Be ridiculously soft + comfortable
  • Help other babies + their families 
The first prototypes and patterns were custom cut and sewn by Eve’s amazing Grandma Ann. A school teacher and seamstress, with 8 decades of love to share, she helped bring the onesie to life. While the first design prototypes were designed with hospital families and care teams in mind, the positive feedback we received raised a good question: 
Why wouldn’t every new parent want this essential wrap-style onesie for their baby?
The "Nighttime Change Quotient"  
Our economist co-founder calculates 540 minutes saved in first year alone (not
counting time and costs saved from having to rock crabby baby back to sleep, make tea and take Melatonin to get yourself back to sleep).


Original Prototype drawing:

The wrap was designed with simple, strategically-placed openings to make it easy for parents and medical staff caring for babies - both in the hospital and after discharge to home.  After field testing in NICUs and getting feedback for parents, nurses and doctors, the one4onesie model was born. For every onesie purchased, one will be donated to a medically-fragile baby enduring a hospital stay. 
Your Kaaria Onesie helps babies around the world. 
Through our exclusive partnerships with the Newborn Foundation, baby technology innovator Owlet, and more than 140 hospitals and university-based research sites in 10 countries, your investment in your baby’s garment is impacting the lives of struggling babies around the world.